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Washing Hands

Patented, persistent products shipped right to your door!

Zylast Products

Three products, one patented sanitizing technology.  If you thought all sanitizers were created equal...think again.
Alcohol-Based Antiseptic

Patented, alcohol-based sanitizer that kills germs on contact and is persistent.  Minimizing skin irritation for the softest feel!

Water-Based Antiseptic Lotion

The same germ-killing technology but in a Lotion!  Water-based, non-flammable and powerful germ killing technology.

Foaming Hand Soap

A foaming soap that doesn't stop working when you wash it off.  The same Zylast technology and persistence in a soap!


Zylast is dedicated to creating the world's best hand sanitizer and cleaning products to keep you and your family healthy!

We created the sanitizer we would want for our own friends and family; perfect for use at home, school or work.  

Now more than ever, choosing the right sanitizer is critical.  All products sold online and shipped directly to you so you get the best price.  See the Zylast Difference!

Engaged Couple Holding Hands

Your hands deserve the best

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